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Cala d’Hort is considered a natural reservation, this long beach is one of themes famous and mysterious locations on Ibiza. Mostly due to the majestic presence of Es Vedra, which is said to be Ibiza’s very own Bermuda Triangle. Planes had crashed and ships had sunk around this area and even fishermen are not allowed to approach it closely. Boats are not permitted to anchor here. Many locals and tourist consider this area a place of power and you will see many meditation groups gather here. Boats are not permitted to anchor here. 

Bazaar Favourites

There are three restaurants on the beach: "Del Carmen, "Cala s’Hort" and "Es Boldado"all serving traditional Mediterranean seafood and black squid ink paella with home made sangria. Alternatively you can order a picnic basket from "Graze Ibiza" who specialise in local delicatessen and know how to compose a quality picnic basket of your choice. Prepare to spend your entire day here because you will not want to leave. 

Property types

This area is in high demand due to it spectacular views. Many villas belong to well known energy practitioners as well as European Socialites.  As your real estate agents we would offer to you modern villas with spectacular sea views and all current comforts as well as security. 

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