Propiedad en venta en Sant Josep de sa Talaia


San Jose is one of the more developed pueblos, enabling access to the highest number of picturesque beaches in Ibiza, such as Cala Bassa and Cala Conte. 

Property types

In highly demanded by families and high profile individuals. Many international artists, actors, celebrities and CEO’s own properties in this area.

You can find a variety of properties from contemporary luxury Ibiza villas to renovated traditional fincas. All designed with spaciousness in mind while dedicated to preserving the unique Ibiza style in architecture as well as interior design.

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Insider Tip: 

The area of San Jose and Santa Ines are fire vigilant ares. In the last decade this area had experienced forest fires that engulfed the south side of the island. The sun is very high and this part of the pine forest gets very dry and the local government fire departments are extra vigilant in patrolling the area for fires.  In this case what Ibiza local government offers is a licence to build a cistern for rain water collection in the forest or on the land of your villa as a fire safety measure. Sometimes San Jose does not give a pool construction licence so easily in which case the cistern is your next best choice.

Encontrado 166 Propiedades

9.900.000 €

Ref: P1038

5.900.000 €

Ref: P1037

80.000 € Semanal

Ref: P1841

9.936 € Semanal

Ref: P1031

5.450.000 €

Ref: P1013

10.000 € Semanal

Ref: P1012

6.900.000 €

Ref: P1011

1.800.000 €

Ref: P204

4.950.000 €

Ref: P1005


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