Propiedad en venta en Sant Antoni de Portmany


San Antonio is famous for its sunset strip. Fantastic sunset view and plenty of front row seating with a series of restaurants to choose from. You can anchor your private boat here, enjoy a promenade and cocktails on the strip while marvelling at the natural view.

Insider Tip

San Antonio offers a unique opportunity for both kids and adults to study music production with top professionals of the island via Ibiza Blau Music – a music production school with access to state of the art technology as well as leading professionals.

Property types 

As your personal estate agent we would advise to take a look at a series of modern villas with the spectacular sea views. This area is perfect for families, businessmen and socialites. It may look busy in the city but it offers a lot of privacy in the nature.

To view our featured luxury properties for sale in  San Antonio follow this link

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Sant Antoni de Portmany

PROPIEDADES EN VENTA EN Sant Antoni de Portmany

545.000 €

Ref: P642

3.200.000 €

Ref: P641

7.000.000 €

Ref: P640

7.400.000 €

Ref: P639

3.500.000 €

Ref: P638

950.000 €

Ref: P636

3.450.000 €

Ref: P635

3.500.000 €

Ref: P634

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