Propiedad en venta en Benimussa


Benimussa is the country side of sant Antonio with a lot of farm land and agricultural production. It is considered rural and most occupants are the original Ibicencos, who have inherited the land, that they so carefully tend to, from their ancestors. Here you will find many "Casas Payesas", original fincas Payes overlooking the pine forests, hills and many beautifully kept huertos, traditional gardens filled mostly with  fig, olive and carob trees as well as orange and lemon orchards neatly divided by traditional, hand made rock walls.

Property types

As your personal real estate agent we would comment that this peaceful area is perfect for a quiet provincial lifestyle. You would find here options for remodelling and plenty of space to keep chickens, rabbits, ponies and horses. Perfect for families who love a country side lifestyle. 

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545.000 €

Ref: P642

3.200.000 €

Ref: P641

7.000.000 €

Ref: P640

7.400.000 €

Ref: P639

3.500.000 €

Ref: P638

950.000 €

Ref: P636

3.450.000 €

Ref: P635

3.500.000 €

Ref: P634

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